What is a trademark?

Trademark is any sign that distinguishes the goods or services of one undertaking from another company's product or service.

Trademark right is an industrial property right obtained through registration, the sole registration authority in Turkey is the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. A registered trademark in a country provides protection only in this country.

Trademark, registration and renewal to be provided, provides no time limit protection.

National Trademark

The national trademark is the sign that registered at Turkish Patent and Trademark Office(TURKPATENT) in name of you to get involved in your products or services.

The registration of your trademark at TURKPATENT provides protection for 10 years in Turkey borders. Renewed at the end of 10 years of brand protection period may be extended in 10-year periods.

International Trademark

The trademark is registered in a country does not mean that you will be protected abroad. It needs to be registered in any country that you want to protect your trademark because of the principle of territoriality.

In case of registration of your trademark in the name of third parties in countries that you export or plan to export, you may encounter barriers in customs.

Preliminary Search and Registration Process

Before making registration applications or use of a sign chosen as a trademark, exactly the same as or very similar of the trademark in question must be searched whether or not pre-registered to someone. This searching and reporting potential risks by our experts provide to applicants significant time and economic benefit. Our firm makes a rigorous preliminary search by an expert team who follows closely both relevant legislation and implements of TURKPATENT. After a preliminary search, the application made on behalf of our valued customers.

Applications are examined in the framework of relevant legislation approved by TURKPATENT and registered trademarks are published in the Official Trademark Bulletin, published semimonthly. The publication does not mean the trademark is registered, third parties can oppose to trademark application within two months from the publication.

The decision given by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office may be appealed within two months. Our firm that follows the implementation of TPI, defends your rights the most accurate and effective way.

Having been registered in your name by your trademark does not mean it will be protected in an absolute manner. Made a trademark application, if it is available the same or a similar trademark as to be indistinguishable in the registry is rejected, otherwise are published in the Official Trademark Bulletin. Thus, many others of trademarks that can be confused with your trademark can be registered.

Approximately 5000 trademarks published every two weeks in the bulletin are analyzed carefully by our team and reported to our clients who request this service.

Ensure the effectiveness of brand protection, it is possible to follow Trademark Bulletin and oppose to trademarks that can be confused with your trademark will be made by experts.

Trademark Monitoring

Having registered your trademark to your name does not mean that it is necessarily preserved. A trademark application shall be rejected in case it is identical or very similar with an earlier trademark, otherwise shall be enounced in the Official Trademark Bulletin published semimonthly. Therefore it is possible brands which can be easily confused with your registered trademark could be registered on the third party’s behalf. In this respect, two months shall be allowed for the right of opposition to the published trademarks.

Over 10.000 trademarks are examined in semimonthly published Official Trademark Bulletin with the utmost care and those posing risks to our clients are reported by our firm.